Attention: don’t confuse our product with real Viagra and don’t confuse our company with Pfizer Company that produces Viagra

Frequently Asked Questions about the herbal substitute for viagra

1. How do the pills differ from other similar supplements?
Stallion XL is an herbal drug, and it doesn't contain synthetic chemicals. It is an herbal remedy produced to improve your sexual life, and erection, boosting blood flow to the penis. Its formula was thoroughly tested for effectiveness, and we are sure Stallion XL is one of the best solutions available to improve your sexual life and sexual life of your partner.

2. Is Stallion XL for the men who suffer from ED?
No, a lot of healthy men use it merely as a boost to improve their sex. This herbal substitute for viagra is for every man who wants to get more pleasure from sex.

3. Does Stallion XL treat premature ejaculation?
Yes. It does. There are lots of men who use this not only to improve erection, but to get more control over ejaculation.

4. What is the dose of Stallion XL ?
Take 1-2 capsules every day, and you will notice an effect. We’d recommend taking two capsules during the first 2 weeks, and then you may take 1 capsule per day. Some men take it only before sex; however, we recommend taking it every day to get a cumulative effect of Stallion XL. However, take a few days off each 3 week.

5. Does Stallion XL cause side effects?
Men don’t experience any side effects usually. However, you should consult your doctor if you have a heart condition or some health concerns.

6. Is there any difference between herbs and extracts?
Extracts are the concentrated herbs. For example, some of our extracts is 100:1 concentration, that means we take 100 kg of an herb to make 1 kg of extract

7. Does Stallion XL require a prescription?
It doesn’t. It’s 100% natural and is not a pharmaceutical medicine, so you don’t need a prescription to take it.

8. When I’ll get my order?
We ship all orders the same day it’s received. Definitely, you’ll get an email when your order is sent. All products are from New Zealand. We offer to get them via airmail (12 days maximum) or via courier (5 days maximum). We do the best you to get your order ASAP.

9. I’m not sure online orders are safe
Don’t doubt! If you have any question contact us and we’ll explain that ordering online is a safe way to buy products. We do not store card details and it’s much safer way than buy something in a shop or a restaurant. We can offer you to use western union, bank transfer or another mean of payment.

10. Can anyone find out what is in the packaging I get from you?
No! We sent Stallion XL in an unmarked ordinary-looking packaging and no one can understand what is there inside

11. Will be my first and last name showed up on my credit card statement?
We understand that it’s a very discreet information for you and therefore, your name, the name of product will not be mentioned

12. May I rely on a money back guarantee?
If you are not satisfied with Stallion XL you can return it within 2 months of purchase (60 days). You may return us unopened bottles and up to 1 opened bottle, even if it’s absolutely empty!

13.What are Typical Results?
The majority of men may notice better erection straight after using the remedy. If you don’t notice it, you’ll notice it in a few days. Your penis will be increased in thickness and length because of improved blood flow. Besides you’ll notice better stamina during sex.
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